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The NWM Difference

Mission Statement:

We provide wealth management services focused on accumulation distribution and legacy preservation, our services are optimized for entrepreneurs such as oil and gas.

Our approach incorporates unique solutions based on a customized plan, conflict-free investment process and ongoing communication.

Helping others navigate their financial landscape is our passion and our team has the knowledge, experience and creativity to help work toward overcoming obstacles and delivering that commitment.

What you can Expect From Us.

Our goal is to make an impactful change to improve the overall life of each individual and family we work with.  Our team achieves this difference by building customized plans with an objective guidance, unbiased independent research and comprehensive portfolio analysis, along with a client focused active management and open communication of the plan. With respect for each client, we are committed to finding a way to help you realize your goals with your best interest at heart. With our complete level of service, you will feel like you are our only client.

This difference coupled with Mark’s passion an expertise allows us to remove the one size fits all approach and reverts back to the school of thought that believes that the individual is the focus and that their needs are unique and reflective of them, their family and their business.  As your advisor, his role is to listen to your concerns, analyze your needs, offer guidance, and provide answers and financial solutions.  Our ongoing purpose is that we will work together as a team, collaborating to achieve your financial goals and build a relationship that focuses on your welfare for many years to come.

You will feel like someone is looking out for you. You will know that you are receiving advice tailored to you. You will see your thoughts, opinions, and desires implemented into the plan as it is customized to you; you are the deciding factor. You will see the difference in Newbould Wealth Management and other firms. You will tell your family and friends about us and the difference we make in your life. Quite simply, our mission is you!